Japanese Subaru Forester Ttb specifications, 2 litre turbo

Here is a vague list of the Subaru Forester Ttb specifications, I say vague as nobody seems to have a definative list of specifications for this model and even though I have looked at numerous japanese sites for the figures I still cant find a definative answer.

So heres a disclaimer, disclaiming the accuracy of the numbers below and I cant be held responsible if they are incorrect.

The specification for the T/tb and S/tb are pretty much the same, the T/tb comes with a fake wood dash and a different interior fabric than the S/tb. Typically the S/tb will have a red, blue and grey flecks on a black background where as the T/tb will comes with black and grey patterns on light grey fabric.

Subaru forester ttb specifications:

Subaru Forester T/tb (Touring turbo model)

Please note: if you are looking at buying a Subaru Forester and see a T/tb advertised then as a Twin Turbo, then this is utter crap. Subaru never put a twin turbo engine in the Forester. The engine in the import Foresters is the same as that found in the WRX and is an EJ20 using a TD04H turbo.

Engine Type: Flat Four – DOHC 16v turbo (EJ20)
Engine Capacity: 1994 cc
Power Output: 250 bhp / 6250 rpm (to Japanese standards, with UK super unleaded, probably 220bhp)
Torque: 229 lbft / 4000 rpm
Transmission: 4 speed AT (4wd) or 5 speed MT (4wd)

Acceleration: (0-62 mph / 0-100kph): 6.6 sec (auto)
Max Speed: 112mph (Electronically Limited to 180kph – Its Japanese law)

Imports converted to MPH will have had this removed. (This is done by changing the signal going to the speedo from KPH to MPH by adding a divider of 1.6 (KPH divided by 1.6 = MPH, ie: 100kph / 1.6 = 62mph) this is usually done via a mechanical or electronic device which fools the ecu into thinking its not doing the 112mph limit, thats why Jap import typically have speedos which read 180mph).

Dimensions & Weight (in mm & kg)
Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 4450 x 1735 x 1580 mm
Interior dimensions (LxWxH): 1745 x 1435 x 1245 mm
Wheel base: 2525 mm
Ground clearance: 200 mm
Vehicle weight: 1410 kg

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a specific question about this model then it maybe better to ask it on the Subaru Forester Forums. Specifically in the European section. http://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f75/

Image shown is a Subaru Forester Stb but the Stb and Ttb are very similar.

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  1. Thank you for the information, much appreciated. Do you know roughly how many 1997 t/tb’s are in Australia

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