Superglue is crap!

Has anyone bought any superglue recently? I’ve come to the conclusion superglue is crap!

I’ve been trying to bond two bits of plastic together that I broke on one of my rather expensive Dewalt power tools recently and Superglue just isn’t up to the job.

Sure it holds the plastic together but if you put any pressure on the piece of plastic you’d glued and it will break in exactly the same place!

Now, I can remember not so many years ago that Superglue was exactly that, Super. I remember using Superglue to fix the pedals on my push bike and that didn’t break! I can also remember seeing Superglue for the first time on BBC’s Tommorow World and Myrian Stoppard glueing two pieces of rubber together then stretching the rubber between two poles and then sitting on it, and it didn’t break.

The glue I bought today was pathetic and its not some crap brand either its a famous brand sold by B&Q. My wife also dug out another tube after listening to me grumble for about 20 minutes and that’s made by another famous glue manufacturer and this stuff didn’t do the job either.

Now I can hear the manufacturers saying “He didn’t prepare the join properly!” Did too.I followed theinstructions which say the joint should be clean from dirt and grease. Well I rubbed the joint over with a fine sand paper, then a damp cloth beforehand and left it to dry.

Lets face it, Super glue doesn’t deserve the name “SUPER” any more.

I think they should rename it “Limp wristed, pathetic Glue”

I had to use Araldite in the end, its worked but it took an Ice age to dry. Oh Well!


I have received numerous emails off manufacturers and suppliers of superglue products and all have said that when superglue fails its usually because of the quality of the plastics.

Ok, so the plastics are crap, how about somebody telling me which glue will do the job instead of telling why it wont do the job! or some free samples so I can tell people which glue does work. Please!

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