My business, the other woman

I’ve been self-employed now for over 16 years and I have to talk about my business in the third perspective because it has become like a mistress but also like a millstone around my neck. It’s very slowly ruining my relationships with other women as it’s driven a wedge when things have gone wrong during the working day and I have deadlines to deal with.

The women in my life have said to me if you spent as much time with me as you did with your business I’d be the happiest woman in the world. A statement which has been lost on me in the past but one which really thought over recently when a woman I love very much left me because of my attitude to her because I was too involved with my business. Something I now deeply regret.

On the other side I bitch and complain about my business.

That it takes all my time, that things don’t go right from time to time, bad payers and many more things. However, although I do love doing what I do you sometimes you have to end a relationship to move on in your life and now is the time to get rid of something, my business (my mistress, the other woman) must go!

I never want my business to come between me and another person ever again I’ve lost lovers, friends and portions of my life because of it and I’m not going to let it happen again.

Sure, my business has given me a good living over the years but its deprived me of something most important in my life and that’s the love of another human being. Its even driven a wedge between myself and my parents in some respects in that I don’t see them enough because I’m too busy working. I know my parents are proud of me and what I do but also I am also acutely aware they wish they saw me more. Something I have remedied this past year.

So business, it’s been good having been your slave but i need to move on and let you be ruled by another’s hand.

So, one slightly used web design and computer support company for sale, apply within.

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