As we all know there are things about The NHS which don’t work as well as other bits and unfortunately most people seem to zoom in and focus, only on the bad parts.

So there are long waiting lists and people don´t get the care they should as quickly as they should. I know I´ve been one of those people.

But, and its a big but, have you had a serious injury recently that required immediate urgent attention?

No. Then wait until you do.

I had the mispleasure recently of having to be admitted to my local hospital after I was badly burnt on my arms and on my face. I was rushed to hospital and rushed straight through and was seen by a doctor within minutes.

This is the kind of service that nobody seems to talk about only moaning about the long waiting lists, etc…. but the emergency service is the saving grace of the NHS in my opinion. Having been brought into the emergency department in considerable pain I was seem, checked over, drugged and bandaged all within 40 minutes. Impressive.

So, before you tar all the health service with the same brush then think about the different sections, the job they do and how you may need them in the future.

Update!!! I have been thinging about this recently after a heated discussing with a few friends of mine. It seems that the public view on the NHS is that the service is getting worse or maybe our expectation of the NHS are just getting higher, but either way people don´t seem to trust/care a great deal about the NHS, as the service is not capable of the level of service the public expect.

I don´t know how much of my National Insurance contributions go towards the NHS and I don´t know how much of the tax budget goes on the NHS but it is clearly not enough. (Perhaps we should care more about the health of our nation, before the goverment gives millions to country abroad or wages wars in a distant country?) Shouldn´t the goverment be accountable, to show how much is going where? Maybe they do but I can´t find it on the goverment web site. I would be interested to see how much of my tax dollars go where.

Our other gripe was the amount of middle management in the NHS. Do we need this level within the service with their company cars? Probably not, but then who´d do all the paper work these people profess to do?

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