My Thoughts

Warning: I make no apologies for some of the information in this section of the site, if you think you might be offended then please look elsewhere. Most of the topics have information which most will find useful, however some of the topics contain my views on a subject and these might be contrary to yours!

If you wish to read these views and make a comment on what I have written then please use the comment form at the bottom of each page and I will get around to reading them and answering them accordingly. Remember these are how I see a particular subject or topic and I have tried to be as clear and concise as I could when I wrote them.

I have put a lot of thought into most of these items and they are not just the ramblings of an idiot, however they are my thoughts and just because you might not agree with them or your point of view may differ don織t write to me with verbal/physical threats. I will pass any such email on to your ISP and list them in the abusive emails section of the site. I have refered two such emails since 2004 to the police who in one occasion offered a caution.

Some of the material here was originally written for another website but I feel that this material is better placed on my own web site as it has had limited reads and its easier to protect on my own site.

The topics are on no particular order other than the date they where entered into the system.

Enjoy reading.

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