The Rat Race, its all about time, time and more time

We live in a world where all that matters is time, from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep.

Breakfast time,
Dinner time,
Tea time,
Time to destination,
Time to sleep,
Time to myself,
Time to the demise of our civilisation!

Time to get up,
Time for a fag,
Time to work,
Time for a break,
Time to write a report,

Time to go to sleep,

Time to, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

As we sleep time is remis but our dreams are cut short as the beep, beep of the alarm jolt us back awake so we can continue our slavery to time all over again. We even worry about our time asleep at weekends so we can be awake to spend time doing something other than work as even in our leisure time we still obsess with time.

We race to better the time of others in our leisure activities, race to beat our personal time on the morning jog, even time to perfection our Sunday lunch.

Football, our national sport even runs our time, each end played for 45 minutes.

Even if we run or cycle we time ourselves on our bike rides or runs round the streets. Does no one just do stuff for fun anymore?

When I was young, time was of the essense but asI get older it seems quite irrelevant and the older I get the less obsessed with time, at least I want to be and I look forward to the day that time has no meaning and each day is taken on its merits not on how much time I have to do things.

In the meantime I go to work and I watch the clock, not because I worry about my time but because I charge by the hour. On the way to my job I sit in my car wasting my time. I keep an eye on the clock so I know when to eat or when to go home and at the end of the day I look at the clock as I drift off to sleep.

Time, it ruins our lives and there’s never enough of it!

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