Toyota Crown, MS137

Welcome to Toyota a privately owned and run site about the Toyota Crown.

This site has been developed to allow owners of Toyota Crowns all over the world, get some background knowledge about the Crown.

As this is my site is contains pictures and information mainly about my crown but I think if your looking for information you might find the FAQs section helpful, which I have added mainly to help myself with all the questions I get asked. These FAQs are a must read if you have a question, as I have over 12 sites now to maintain and time is getting a bit thin on the ground. Plus if I sit in front of my computer any more my wife won’t be happy!

I am sorry but some of the areas on the old site have been removed as I haven’t had time to finish them. Sorry, if you where waiting for them to be finished, maybe one day ill get round to it.

If your a Toyota Crown fan or are just wondering what the hell a Toyota Crown is then have a look around this site and more information can be found in the following pages.


My Toyota Crown


Below are some images of my Toyota Crown MS137.

Note: This site is not affiliated with Toyota what so ever! Nor will it likely be, as Toyota stopped selling the crown in the UK in 1982.

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One thought on “Toyota Crown, MS137

  1. Well that solves a mystery!
    Several years ago I bought a 1/2 cut Toyota Crown, to use the 1UZ engine and transmission in a 1936 Chev roadster I have.
    But I haven’t been able to sort out the electrics as there are no wiring diagrams available etc. The 1/2 cut I had was complete as in running. But obviously a lot of the wonderful features of the Crown are missing (well, hacked off!).
    Seeing your pictures and coupling them with my experience of the Crown I have, helps me sort out what went where, and what each controller and component I have, did in the original car.
    The MS137 interior is identical to the Crown I have.
    So back in the early days when Toyota developed the 1UZ, they put it in an existing model. (The MS137). There is a lot of evidence of their efforts to squeeze that engine into the space originally occupied by the straight six. Even tilting the V8 over to allow them to keep the steering as is.
    I also note most of the controllers are the same (ABS/ESC is identical).
    This also explains how sometimes the wiring “standard” isn’t up to Toyota’s usual standards. Particularly in the marrying of the MS137 with thhe 1UZ engine electrics.

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