Tradespeople, I’m talking about plumbers, electricians and the like here. If you find a good one then stick with them.

I don´t like to rely on others for fixing stuff especially those in the trades. I´ve even been to college to learn electrics and building so I don´t have to rely on others, but one of the things I have yet to learn to any sort of level is plumbing.

So recently when I needed some emergency plumbing, (One of the pipes on the central heating broke and started gushing water everywhere), I had to call a plumber.

So, out with the yellow pages and look for 1 hour response plumbers.

Several phone calls later I manage to get to speak to one company who agree to come within the advertised 1 hour, however I had to speak to 6 companies, whom all advertise that they have a 1 hour response. Most responded with tomorrow only appointments. Not much use if you have you finger in a hole preventing water gushing out everywhere and not much use if they advertise a 1 hour call out service.

It wouldn´t have been too bad if I could have found the drain tap for my heating system but I´m sure the plumber who fitted it deemed it not necessary to have one. It was already fitted before we moved in though.

Okay back to the company whom agree to attend within 1 hour. Fast React of Birmingham who claim to have operators in my area and promise to be there within 1 hour.

1 Hour comes and goes and I receive a phone call saying the plumber is running about 30 minutes to 1 hour later. Okay says I. I’ve now drained the system by using a bucket and hose pipe, not an easy task as my heating system contains 14 radiators on 3 floors, imagine how much water is in that. Anyway, time is not of the essence any more.

Again another hour later, it´s now 2:30pm, and I’m told that the plumber is still running late and will be with me shortly. At 4:30pm I call them to ask where the plumber is and am told he is still at the previous job and will be leaving shortly. I ask as I am not getting the one hour service is there a discount on their rates. “No” I am informed the rate remains the same as I requested the 1 hour service.

I tell the man on the other end where to stick his plumber where the sun doesn’t shine, then do what I should have done in the first place and phoned one of my mates, George who is a kitchen/bathroom fitter for his advise.

Ten minutes later he is at my house, five minutes later the pipe is fixed and he’s on his way home.

So I wasted 4 hours waiting for a tradesman who never turned up but I’m sure would protest that tradespeople is the proper course of action for a burst pipe and is a professional job!

This isn’t the first time I´ve been let down by tradesmen. How many times have you heard these lines “I’ll be there tomorrow no problem” or “I’m sorry an emergency job popped up” or “Don’t worry I’ll be back to finish it soon”

I’ll be taking a course at the local college in plumbing shortly so I don’t have to rely on so called tradesmen for anything.

And people wonder why DIY is so popular in the UK.

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