Turn off Browser Choice Screen

This page explains how to switch off the Browser Choice screen within Windows.

There are two methods below, Manual (ie: Do it yourself) and Automatic (via registry key hack, you can download and run)

Disclaimer: messing with your registry can screw up your operating system, this information is provided with no guarantee and is used purely at your own discretion. If you edit the registry and it doesnt work then dont blame me. If your uncertain about editing the registry, then DONT! or make a back up before you start (Click on My Computer in the left pane in Regedit and then goto File -> Export to make a copy of your registry or make a System Restore point beforehand)

Manual (DIY) Method
Go to the Start menu and then click on Run.

When the run box appears type: regedit

press return, this will run the Registry Editor

In the left hand window find the following tab:

(double click to open it)

(double click to open it)

(Click on it and then click in the right hand window)

In here right click and select New and Dword

Call this new value Enable and leave the value as zero (0)

Restart and you shouldnt be asked again

Automatic (via registry key hack, you can download and run)
Alternatively you can download this as a reg file which to be honest is the above in a more friendly version and this will do the above for you.

download here

file can also be copied into a text document and saved as a .reg file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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