Why I think the BBC license fee is a rip off

This is why I think the BBC license fee is a rip off

This article has been re-written as I don´t think some people got the point as to why I don´t want to have to pay this. Some have labeled this as BBC bashing!

I think that the TV Licence is a rip off and here is my argument why.

The TV Licence was created to fund the programs created by the BBC. This was started over 50 years ago, when the BBC was the only broadcaster and in my opinion this is now out dated.

If you have a television in your home The Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949 states that you must buy a licence. This act is well out of date and should either be scrapped or at the very least amended.

The BBC receives over 2.4 billion pounds (http://www.bbc.co.uk/info/report2001/review/value.shtml) from the Licence fee and the quality of programming provided is perhaps only a tiny bit better than the independent satellite channels.

The BBC may have lots to “offer” and I use this word very lightly, and the services it produces are available to all, but are they? Not Unless you have a TV license, you are not supposed to be watching TV with out the blessed TV License. Full stop. Turn it off!

My arguement why the TV license is un-necessary is that I HAVE to pay it, its a tax on having a TV regardless of whether or not I watch the BBC or not. I could have a TV which is only tuned into the Sky One but i´d still have to pay for a TV license even though all of the funds go directly to a channel I don´t watch.

If I don´t have a TV I get detector vans knocking on my door wanting to know where my TV is and make me buy a TV license. If somebody told you “I don´t have a TV” would you believe them? You are even supposed to have a TV License if your TV is used for watching Videos or DVD´s as it is capable of receiving TV transmissions!

Now I have satelite and I watch it quite regular and I choose to pay for it. Its my choice, I have put thought into paying for this, but IF I don´t want it any more then I can just ring up and cancel my subscription and I don´t have to pay it any more. However with the TV license I have to pay it, I have NO choice but pay I cannot cancel my subscription as its law that I if I have a TV I have to have to pay for a TV license.

The word I am looking for here is choice!

Now if the BBC was a subscription channel then I might pay for it. However if there was nothing I wanted to watch on the BBC I could cancel my subscription. However I can´t because its law that I have a TV license.

Now the BBC may do some wonderful things with the TV but I´m not bashing the BBC just that I have to have a TV license. It is a tax on having a TV.

Some of the stuff on the BBC is good, the latest series of Top Gear was excellent as is Taken and The Life of Mammals. But if I didn´t want to watch these then I still have to pay for them!

As the money which is collected for this TAX, is given to the BBC then they effectively have a monopoly on the money collected from this TAX, and your tax goes to make programs for the BBC which they then sell to the other TV companies. If I hadn´t watched Top Gear on BBC 2 then I would have had to wait less then a month before the Beeb sold the program to UK Horizons, making the money back, if not more, which they originally spent making the program. They probably also have a contract with UK Horizons where they will get a fee every time each program is shown. Again more money in the bank.

The BBC has already evolved into other ways of making money for itself but the TV license still keeps going up.

I think its time for this to be revised or for the BBC to find some other way of making a living.

I know £108 is not a vast sum of money but if I don´t want to watch BBC why should I pay for the BBC. Other channels don´t recieve this amount of money each year and they do fine. If the BBC thinks they offer a real world class service then perhaps they might want to step into real world.


Update: 25/03/2006

Bloody hell its gone up again!

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