View from St Michaels Church, Macclesfield

A few years ago I had the chance to go up the clock tower at St Michaels church, Macclesfield and got to take some pictures inside and from on top of the tower.

These are some of these pictures over Arighi Bianchi, Buxton Road, Waters Green and Market Place.

Since these where taken the landscape around town has changed quite significantly so see if you can spot what’s changed since 2003 when these photos were taken from St Michaels Church, Macclesfield.

St Michaels church has been on this site since the early 1200’s and the last rebuilt was completed in 1901. I can tell you the stone on the roof does not feel very solid.

Some of the bell tower photos are a bit grainy because there was little natural light in there and the camera used to photograph them was an early Digital SLR so not the best ISO rating or highest Megapixel cameras.

If you get the chance to visit the church please go inside and have a look round as its a beautiful building.


Official St Michael Church website

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