Walking from Lands end to Pendeen

Today I walked from Lands End, well Lands End stores to be exact to Pendeen Watch.

Heres a few photos taken along the way but sadly the battery on my mobile phone didn’t last the entire journey so will add the images off my digital camera when I return home.

The path is in great condition from Lands End to Sennen but part from there to the Cot Valley are in poor condition with huge boulders to scramble down as the rain has washed the underlying path away exposing there huge granite lumps and in some places the path is a quagmire of mud. However it did rain pretty hard yesterday so that wont have helped.

The weather when I set off was very misty but by the time I’d walked to Sennen it had brightened up a bit.

Very busy on the coastal path today and I must have passed about 50 people today walking the other direction.

Anyway heres some photos.

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