Washed, clay bared, polished and waxed my car today

I’ve had the B-class now for 6 weeks and today was a beautiful day so thought I’d make her shine, so thought I’d spend some time and cleaned, polished and waxed my car

Took me about 4 hours to do the following:

Wash the car

Wash the car, Two buckets. One with clean water and one to rinse  your sponge out after every wash. Removes grit and other nastys from your sponge so you don’t scratch your paintwork more than it already is. Used CS201 which is a Cherry scented run of the mill car shampoo which works perfect for me. I’ve tried more expensive shampoos and cant see a difference.

Car was dried using a Chammois leather and microfiber cloth. Chammois leather is washed and rinse after each use again to prevent any potential scratches.

Clay bar treatment

I then clay bared it with a Meguires clay bar and clay bar lube. This cleaning method does two things, first off it removes impurities from the paint work such as tar and road detritus. It does this by sticking and pulling these impurities out of the microscopic grooves in your paintwork. It also again on a microscopic level is slightly abrasive and helps smooth out paintwork. I can tell you after 6 weeks of going here there and everywhere on salt laden roads and roadworks the front and sides of the car dirty. Not any more!

I also had to flatten off a few rough areas around the tailgate as the lacquer had some orange peeling close to the tailgate, Quite small but I can see them. So out with the Porter cable polisher and a very mild liquid cutting compound and we flatten off the paint work slightly. This was the only spot which required this attention.


Once clay bared, I washed and dried the car again with only a small amount of detergent. 20ml in with 5 litres and then set out to Polish the car using Meguiars Ultimate Polish. This stuff is so easy to put onto the car but make sure you don’t let it dry for long. I had to do one panel at a time.


Next was Waxing using Meguiars Gold Class Paste. Comes with a little applicator sponge and ive found it takes a little longer to dry than the bottled liquid equivalent. I also usually just use my hands to run it onto the paintwork. Yep its weird but I think you get a better, more even application using your hands directly.

I don’t endorse Meguiars and I don’t benefit from them, no links, but over the years ive used a lot of car cleaning stuff and I like their stuff. I can also justify the cost as I want decent but also don’t want to pay the earth. I have used better but more expensive stuff.

To be honest I used to be a real car cleaning bore but these days, twice a year to do this is probably once to many where as in my 20’s I did it ever 4 weeks.

See the photographs for before, during and after pictures.

Not bad to start with but we can do better.

B and C pillars have swirls and scratches

All waxed up!

All the time I was cleaning my car this guy was climbing up this tree taking branches off as he climbed.

Its completely gone now.

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