What would you do tomorrow if you found out you have 6 months to live?

Sorry to sound morbid but I’ve been thinking about it recently after the death of a friend who when we were chatting one night asked us “What would you do tomorrow if you found out you have 6 months to live?”

What would you do if you found out have 6 months to live?

I was round at my mates house with a group of friends when one asked us that question after telling us he’d been diagnosed with inopperable Brain cancer. He also asked us if we’d try the chemo and maybe hope you get a little while longer. A few months having treatment which might make you sicker than the cancer in the vain hope it extends your life by a few months!

I can tell you it was a massive shock to us all and really changed the mood in the room. After a few minutes however of stunned silence we began to answer him. Very weird scenario and one my friend was very upbeat about.

So you have 6 months to live, what do you do?

My choice would be to hire a boat and sail the Caribbean or South China seas or maybe hire a motorhome and drive across America. Definitely not languish in self pity and despair.

Another suggestion was to travel to the great spiritual sites if the world and seek enlightenment but this was dismissed by my friend who said “someones told me I will die in 6 months, I am pretty f-ing enlightened right now”

Someone else suggested the spreading of DNA.

Whats your suggestion?

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2 thoughts on “What would you do tomorrow if you found out you have 6 months to live?

  1. Some few years ago a journalist here in Canada was faced with this situation. I well remember his reaction. In a nutshell, it was “I’ve been given notice!” He was able to put his affairs in order and help soften the blow to his survivors. He actually outlived the prognosis by many months. My preference would be an anurism, call me selfish I suppose. I don’t fear death, I fear the dying.

    1. Ditto Colin, I don’t fear death but I fear dying a long protracted painful death. I watched one of my friends die from Brain cancer and it killed him a long time before he passed away.

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