Wheal Owles, the BBC Poldark mine building | Wheal Leisure

These photos are of the Poldark mine building called Wheal Owles which is a mine ruin located at Botallack on the west coast of Cornwall and is used for the BBC series Poldark as the Poldark mine building called Wheal Leisure.

Part of the Botallack mine complex

The Wheal Owles mine is part of the Botallack mine complex and is located close to the village of Botallack inbetween St Just and Pendeen in the south west coast of Cornwall in an area called Penrith. This area contains Wheal Owles, Wheal Edward and The Botallack Crowns all within walking distance.

Just a bit further down the coastal path is also Levant mine and Geevor mine with various mine buildings and ruins located in between, litterly littered over this area. If you interested in the Poldark mine building its well worth the walk down from the car park.

Visit now folks as the National Rust has asked for planning permission to put up pay and display machines.

There’s also a great pub, the Queen’s arms just a short walk away as well as one of the best pasty shops in the south west, McFadden’s of St. Just.

You might also want to. Check the BBC arent filming there as well as they are very dictatorial in who has access to what day and night during filming and the National Trust seem to have given the BBC full reign over the land.

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