Why I don’t have a TV

Number one.
I don’t have time. No, seriously! I do not have time to watch television.

I work for myself and I spend all my time either organising my employees are organising myself. Either that or doing accounts or out of hours maintenance on the Servers I manage,

The rest of my spare time is spent with my girlfriend relaxing or socialising. We go out walking, we go to the pub, we go out for meals, we go shopping and we go out night clubbing. It is very rare that we’ve just sit and watch TV.

Number two.
The second reason I don’t have a television is the BBC license fee. If the BBC is such a great institution why we are not sat just watching the BBC all day long? Why do other TV companies exist if the BBC is such an amazing organisation. Basically because it’s crap and I refuse to pay £157.50 a year to an organisation whose channels I would very rarely watch. The fact that is also called a licence fee is in fact a tax on having a television, I accept the tax isn’t collected by the government, it’s collected by a faceless organisation whose morals and ideas are beyond question. The Jimmy Savile scandal and several other celebrities have made me realise just how corrupt the BBC actually are.

People in the BBC must have known what was going on but they set their with their fingers in their ears going “la la la were not listening”. And then when the Scandal came out they’ve done very little to actually appease the situation.

Number three.
And the third reason “Its Shit!”.

The last time I had a television was 2015 and I had close to 500 channels at my disposal and I still struggle to find anything to watch, especially on the BBC. Even then although I spent all my time watching Discovery Channel or Sky News I still have to pay for a BBC licence fee.

Number four.
The BBC, in my opinion, is just a government mouth piece and offers Zero impartiality, especially the news. During the Coronavirus I’d say this has got worse from what i’ve watched while in lockdown at friends.

Number five.
The BBC doesnt advertise. Oh, yes it bloody well does. Watch the One show on any day of the week and see adverts for its other shows thinly masquerading as features. Whether it be David Walliams plugging his new BBC published book or Strictly come dancing or some other BS BBC program.

BBC radio is the same and constantly you’ll be exposed to adverts for other BBC services, BBC sounds app, Iplayer, etc.

So, I don’t have a television. I don’t want a television. So stop pecking my head BBC about buying a license!

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