Why I recommend Plusnet?

I recommend Plusnet as a broadband supplier because in my day to day business life I see a lot of home and business broadband issues and these span a large range of companies. However two things remain constant with these problems in that they are either problems with the BT network or problems with the Virgin Media network.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) use the BT network and resell their services. Companies such as Sky, Talk Talk, Plusnet and many more all use the BT network to provide their service to their customers under an agreement called the BT Wholesale agreement. This allows these companies to buy services cheaply from BT and then resell these at a profit.

Now, what has this got to do with me recommending Plusnet?

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

Well. Quality of service and support. Although many companies resell BT’s lines its down to the ISP as to how well their part of the network performs.

In over 10 years of dealing with Plusnet I have never had cause to call and either complain or felt aggrieved at the level of service provided.

I am unsure if this is because they are allied with BT or because the staff here really care about customer service. I like to think it’s the latter. Plusnet was bought by BT in Nov 2006 for approx. £67 million.

And that’s why I recommend Plusnet.

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

Compared with all the other providers and I’ll say my top three are listed below on poor service and quality of support (if any).

Number 1: (the worst): BT (Yes BT themselves and when everything goes tits up, who deals with it? Yep BT)

Number 2: (Sky): the equipment is rubbish, Wifi range and speed is terrible and because they won’t let you use your own router*, you have to use Sky’s which is shit!) In at least 3 dozen Sky households we’ve had to add additional access points for better Wifi. * Its in their T&C’s and yes I am aware you can use another router but try getting support for anything once you say “I’m using an XYZ router”

Number 3: Talk Talk: Constant issues with speed at multiple customers addresses, towns apart, unable to understand service personal, 2 disconnections despite active/paid accounts.

I’ll also add that they give me cash off my bill for each referral as well. Lets be honest about it.

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