Your car will spy on you!

Your car will spy on you, the latest stupid idea of the British Government?

They plan to install a crime chip in all cars in the UK, which will enable the police to detect crimes committed by drivers and automatically/electronically send out penalties. This is for crimes such as speeding, road tax evasion and illegal parking!

Yeah right!

There way of justifying this is that such devices could be used to track car thieves, un-insured drivers and cars driven by terrorists.

Don’Your car will spy on you!t believe me then have a look at the BBC web site here.

Now call me a crank but I was always taught that in the eyes of the law everybody is innocent until proven guilty. If this chip is to be installed in all cars then surely the government is trying to say that where all guilty of some crime at some time.

Also if this chip is to prevent uninsured drivers or road tax evasion how will it detect the legal from the illegal? How can a chip tell if the driver has insurance or not? Especially if there is more than one person who uses this car. Also the idea they can detect if its being used by terrorists is farcical.

My main objection to any scheme like this is that it would make everyone who owns a car a potential criminal. Every time you use your car you could be liable for prosecution. Let’s take overtaking as an example, you speed up and overtake, then slow down again. However the little chip decides that you’ve been speeding and tells the police to issue a speeding ticket!

Hypothetical I know, but it could happen.

My secondary objection is cost. Who will pay for this, ultimately, us the tax paying public? Imagine if the chips cost £100 each. There are 20 million vehicles in the UK that’s £2,000,000,000. That’s a lot of money that could go else where in the government’s budget. Also it would give the government more incentive to prosecute for lesser crimes to recoup the money initially outlaid. £50 a fine = 40 million fines.

If this goes ahead and all cars have to have the chip installed then I for one will be finding it and making sure it doesn’t work and I know that I won’t be the only one. Mind you the government will probably be making it illegal to have a car without the chip. Plus this would make me a criminal!

Be careful, Big brother could be watching you.

Your car will spy on you – Another stupid idea by a stupid government.

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